Chic Cuffs

Chic Cuffs

Many of you that follow me on Facebook read at the beginning of this week I bought my first-ever pair of boots, to go with my skinny jeans. I am so excited about this purchase! A few of you recommended I pair up these beauties with a cute pair of boot socks. After a little research into the subject, I have decided to go with boot cuffs instead of socks. Socks can add extra bulk and bunchiness that I would prefer not to deal with. I looked at a few boot cuff images on Pinterest and decided I could easily make my own during the boys nap time today. These chic cuffs only cost me $5 and one nap time to put together. Here’s how I did it:Chic Cuffs


  • White Secondhand Sweater
  • Eyelet Lace, about 1 yd.
  • 4 Buttons, medium in size


Step 1: Supplies

I bought a large white secondhand sweater from DI. Make sure to try on the arm of the sweater on your leg; Not all sweater wrists will stretch enough to go up to your knee. My wonderful mother gave me the lace from her stash and let me go through her collection of buttons. I found 4 awesome leather-looking buttons that match my boots. Note: Ask your mother or grandmother if they have any extra lace or buttons you can go through before buying any, the older items are much better quality and have more character.Chic CuffsChic Cuffs

Step 2: Sock Prep

Cut the arm of the sweater off. Note: I first cut mine 10″ and then decided I liked 7″ much better. Take the top of the sweater and reposition it to find the point that was created while cutting, cut it off.Chic CuffsChic Cuffs

Flip inside out and try on. Pull sweater snug and pin to remove any bulk. Sew with a straight stitch where pins were placed (you can draw a line if you prefer). Zigzag stitch right next to the straight stitch. Now trim excess off. Note: I did this after I placed on the lace, but I think it would be best to do it at the beginning.Chic CuffsChic CuffsChic Cuffs

Fold bottom of sweater/cuff up about 1/4″ to 1/2″ and sew with straight stitch. Note: I would normally turn it under again to hide the raw edge within the seam, but I didn’t want the extra bulk that it would have created.Chic Cuffs

Step 3: Lace

Try cuff on and determine if their is a pattern knitted in to the sweater, if there is, decide what you would like to be the front. Place a pin where you want the vertical lace to be placed. Remove from leg. Now place buttons on the cuff where you want them to be when finished. I decided I wanted my vertical lace to go down about 2″. Chic CuffsChic CuffsChic Cuffs

Turn raw edge of lace under and begin pinning next to pin guideline. Note: This is the tricky part. . . When pinning vertical lace on you want to cover the binding of the lace. Gently pull the sweater over that binding and pin into place. Continue that along the lace, but stop about 1/4″ from the top.Chic CuffsChic CuffsChic CuffsChic CuffsChic Cuffs

Straight stitch the turned under portion of the lace, it will run parallel with the top of the cuff. Now zigzag stitch the vertical lace where you pinned, stopping 1/4″ from the top.Chic CuffsNow you will pin the lace along the top of the cuff. Note: Pull the sweater taut and then pin the lace. If you don’t pull it taut you will never be able to get the sweater back on your leg, it will be to small. I turned under the raw edge as I did with the vertical piece and began at the back of the cuff. Pin all the way around. Cut 1/2″ extra so you can turn this raw edge in to the other edge. Chic CuffsChic CuffsChic Cuffs

Sew a straight stitch, about 1/8″ from the edge, around the top of the cuff. Making sure to pull the sweater taut as you go. Note: Take extra care not to sew the top of the vertical lace down. You will do that in a minute.Chic Cuffs

Take the top of the vertical lace and fold at an angle. Pin in place. Now zigzag stitch it to the horizontal lace.Chic CuffsChic CuffsChic Cuffs

Note: Since you had to pull the sweater taut for the lace, it may not lay nice on a flat surface, but it will fit you perfectly.Chic Cuffs

Step 4: Buttons

Hand stitch your buttons on next to the vertical lace. Note: I know this looks silly without boots, but I wanted to show what the finished product looks like.Chic Cuffs

Step 5: Strut Your Stuff

Now you are ready to put on your boots; Go out and strut your stuff in these designer-looking, chic boot cuffs. I hope you enjoy! Chic Cuffs

Chic CuffsChic Cuffs

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Chic Cuffs
I looked at a few boot cuff images on Pinterest and decided I could easily make my own during the boys nap time today. These chic cuffs only cost me $5 and one nap time to put together. Here's how I did it . . .
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  1. Lindsay

    Wonderful project! I really need to make a pair of these to go with my boots (they’re shorter than yours, but I think the cuffs would still work well). Great photos, too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Post author

      Thank you for checking out my tutorial. I definitely think that these would be adorable with shorter boots. You could even make them with 3 buttons to add a little height, if you wanted.

  2. Traci

    Thanks for sharing this. They came out so cute. I am just going to envy them from afar because I cannot even sew one stitch. Actually, I’ve been asked repeatedly by several people to never touch a sewing machine again. So I’ll just admire your talents. 🙂 Pinned these from Six Sisters.

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  4. Jane Stevenson

    Very cute and great step by step instructions! Am still laughing at measuring time by nap times! I’m a grandma now but so remember how valuable that time was!
    Thanks for the great tutorial!

  5. Aliza

    Cute cuffs! Just stumbled on your blog and read that you come from an all girl family 🙂 I feel connected already, I have 4 cute girls of my own and I always want to talk to moms and daughters of family’s like yours.

    1. Post author

      There isn’t anything more fun than having a bunch of sisters! I also enjoy talking with families of all girls because I feel like we have an immediate special connection. Thank you for visiting my site!

  6. Tiffany

    just found your blog via Make it and Love it and I checked out your “about me” section specifically to see if you mentioned anything about your name because it’s my 4 year old’s name! I love that you love it! It’s not a family name for us but I love it nonetheless! Thanks for this awesome tutorial!

    1. Post author

      Thank you for stopping by Tiffany! I have noticed that the name Genevieve is becoming more popular. I love my name and it’s fun to start hearing it around a little more.

  7. Megan

    Get out! These are adorable!!! I’m going to try making them tonight…so if I’m wearing band-aids tomorrow, that will be why. Ha! I’m the worst at these sorts of projects, but I am determined now. What an awesome tutorial! Thanks so much, Genevieve!

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