Braxton turned 4 this week and does very well at recognizing all the letters. He is very curious what everything says. So, I decided that I would make a happy birthday sign/banner for his birthday. I was just going to do a simple pennant banner, but stumbled across this much cuter banner online. It was for a Minnie Mouse themed party, which wouldn’t work for Braxton, so I changed it to be all colors. This way it will work for a boy or girl party. The Minnie Mouse one was tied together with ribbons. I decided just to stick each individual letter up so that it can be stored very easily in a little stack for the next birthday celebration.

Birthday Banner


  • 7 – 12×12 Card Stock Papers, all different colors
  • 1 – 12×12 Card Stock Paper, White
  • Craft Cutter (Zing, Gazelle, Silhouette, Cricut, etc.)
  • Glue Stick

I began by cutting out all the shapes; 4 scalloped squares (6″x6″), 4 inside squares (5″x5″), 9 scalloped circles (6″x6″), and 9 inside circles (5″x5″).

SVG Files: Squares & Circles

I cut out my “happy birthday” in the Smiley Monster font measuring 6.8″ in height (the “h” measured 5″).

SVG File: happy birthday

I also cut out 7 larger circles (.75″) and 14 smaller circles (.4″).

Now assemble by placing random colors together. The squares will be in the front and back of each word; h, y, b, y. Then place the letters on in random positions. Place one larger circle and two smaller circle on every other letter.

Birthday Banner

Now you can stick each letter up on the wall in whatever arrangement you like the best.

Birthday Banner

When the birthday celebration is over just remove from the wall and stack in a little pile, place in a quart size ziploc or use an elastic band to store. Enjoy!

Birthday Banner